Content Marketing

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Content Marketing is Important

Google is the new library, SEO is the new Dewey Decimal System, and we’re the seasoned digital librarians that help people find your content. By helping our clients identify and create the stories that build deep relationships with their consumers, we’re able to build targeted audiences to help grow your business. Regardless of the medium or distribution platform, we’re here to help drive your business through this growing digital medium.

Focused through research

We work with our best content & strategists to sift through the data to uncover the insights that will propel our work. Once accomplished, we can identify your business problem and how our content can solve it. Once we’ve done that, we’ll come up with a plan for how that content will work across all distribution channels, down to the individual pieces. We’ll then get to work, and ensure that everything we do stays within those guidelines.

Content at scale

Hammersmith’s ability to create cost-effective content at scale is a value proposition that’s unmatched. Through our integration with our proprietary network and delivery system, we’re able cover any niche, many times unavailable from our  competitors, and distribute it in a way that gets results. From auto to fashion, beauty to CPG, luxury to retail to patient education; we touch just about every vertical in the book.

 Making it shareable

By partnering your content strategy with our social and paid media teams, we’re able to optimally package and distribute to the most appropriate audience for your business goals. By analyzing current trends, influencers, and brand advocates, we’re able to work with our PR, marketing, and social media teams to drive the best possible chance of your content being engaged with.

A powerful engine

Top-tier content production isn’t enough. While our clients need that affordable, sharable content for their channels, they also need tools to get it deployed properly. We’ve built a turn-key content engine that can pull content from multiple CMS’s, and package that content for multi-platform distribution. It works hard to squeeze the most out of your always on content. This methodology gets results and holds all stakeholders to a high degree of accountability for content performance.

Content value

Choosing the right KPI’s to measure success is pivotal in creating business value for your content efforts. While not all content is created to generate revenue, many times an awareness goal is that first step in placing that business prospect top of mind for your brand. Other content can cater to post purchase needs, increase usage / loyalty, as well as indirectly generate leads.

Evolving to meet demand

As content changes the way your customers interact with you, you need to be flexible to accommodate the demand and remain efficient. Our resources and expertise combined with your staff skill sets can help your business evolve into a highly intelligent and structured content organization to help drive your business in this new digital content ecosystem.

What's Next

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