Data Analytics

  • Audience Behavior Analysis
  • Multivariate Testing
  • Media Optimization
  • Site Behavior Tracking
  • Business Intelligence
  • Conversion Attribution

Choosing the Right Analytics Tools

Focus Your Business

Hammersmith’s analytics group finds insights from a deluge of data, seeking optimizations that have a real and meaningful impact on campaigns. Our team of quants and analysts leverage their experience in data collection, mining, and analysis to build people-focused marketing programs.

Whether it’s using algorithms to predict how likely a site visitor is to convert, or doing an audience analysis deep dive — our team models, researches, and builds analytics systems that make our client teams, and their campaigns, smarter.

Acting on Insights

Real performance marketing is not a zero-sum equation. In order to run marketing programs and campaigns that drive long term value for our clients, we must also appreciate and prioritize what makes their brands and products different. To do this, we enable our clients and internal teams to intelligently interact with data and understand their customers and their habits — and how these data points and insights make a difference.

We then use these insights to build strategy and make campaign adjustments using machine learning processes,  which get smarter over time.

What's Next

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