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What is SEO and Why It’s Important?

SEO investment is set to grow by 400% through 2020 with the reason being that if done correctly, it’s one of the strongest and most efficient digital channels in growing both brand and bottom line efforts. Gaining visibility though requires a comprehensive strategy that includes content, social media, mobile, and on occasions local optimizations. Here’s how we drive SEO growth for our clients:

  1. By understanding opportunity through a full 360 SEO analysis and strategy
  2. By planning a short and long term step-by-step growth program
  3. By creating a scalable program that crosses multiple business groups or markets

SEO as part of product and user experience

For those that have a deep understanding of SEO, they know that search done properly is integrated in all parts of the product and user experience. With this in mind, we build and optimize sites and experiences with search in mind, from the ground up, without sacrificing best practice design and copy standards. We don’t write or design for robots and neither should you.

Speaking your customer’s language

To best understand your clientele, we work with you to research and understand the natural language of your customer base, and then integrate this in all parts of our SEO efforts, be it content, taxonomy, or meta data. To do that, we use tools like linguistic profiling, experiential mapping, competitive search assessments and keyword score-carding. Then, we use proprietary tools and technology to measure success, ensure implementation and maintain keyword relevancy.

A connected approach

The best digital marketing strategies are the most connected and that’s why we merge SEO services with , social media management, content marketing, analytics, and marketing automation to help your audience find you, and then in kind, you understand their needs and wants.

Why Hammersmith?

At Hammersmith, our employees have had national success and produced positive returns across a broad spectrum of businesses, be it consulting, publishing, fitness, etc…  We’re large enough to perform at scale but small enough to be nimble. We’ve got the best industry talent, the best team commitment and best-in-class technology.

What's Next

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